The Present Firm 

The present firm of Allen, Needham & Co Ltd. has two directors, one consultant and staff solicitor, one legal executive, four legal secretaries, and four support staff. We are a hard-working and experienced team.

History of the Firm

Sir Stephen Allen, founder of the firm, was admitted to the bar on the 7th of December 1906 and subsequently set up practice in the building illustrated below on the present site of our offices at 52 Canada Street, Morrinsville on the 1st of January 1907.

Mr Arthur Needham was admitted to the bar on the 1st of March 1923 and Mr R. B. Morton on the 24th of November 1924. They joined Sir Stephen in partnership under the name of Allen, Needham & Morton.

The firm was subsequently called Allen, Needham, Sanford & Lang when the partners of the firm were John Needham (son of Arthur Needham, and father of Rod Needham, a present partner), Howard Sanford, Fred Lang and Graeme Ashmore.

Graeme Ashmore left the firm in 1972 and Howard Sanford retired as a partner in 1974 when Greg McDonnell became a partner with John Needham and Fred Lang.

The firm changed its name to Allen, Needham & Co. in 1986 when new partners Rod Needham and Bob Craven joined the firm. In December 2010 the firm became an incorporated company.

The present directors are Rod Needham and recently appointed in September 2017, Grant Summerell.

Greg McDonnell as at 1st October 2017 retired as a Director and is currently working as a consultant.

Bob Craven retired from the firm in 2010.